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Harvey Milk said, “If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”(Aretha 83). Harvey Milk was the first gay politician that moved people’s hearts. He changed the way people thought about gay people back in the 1970’s. Defending homosexuals from criticism, he civilized them with the people. Since the background of homosexuality was harsh which affected Harvey Milk’s early life, he took the action to process of becoming civilized as an officer, and he left many legacies.
The background of homosexuality in the 1940’s and 50’s was harsh, but people started to be opened toward the rights. There were criticisms toward homosexuality in the early days of Milk. Gay men carried the labels of mentally ill or
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Milk’s grandpa emigrated to United States of America in 1882 during The Great Depression. Milk was born in Woodmere, New York on Long Island in 1930. He fought with internal conflict to whether to reveal that he is gay since he was in high school. At school, Milk was social and a “regular” guy. For his jobs, he was a teacher, actuarial statistician, investment researcher, and theater producer. Milk decide to make public that he is gay by opening Castro Camera. In the late 1960’s, culture dramatically changed to be more free. This changed Milk and his image. This helped him to be an activist for gay rights. He established Castro Village Association for gay business owners, and he was beginning to become a leader. Harvey Milk hid his true self in his early life, but later revealed his identity. Milk processed to make homosexuals civilized by getting attention, stepping out, and making his clear point to everyone. He was trying to be the leader of politics to announce the gay rights to everyone. Visiting houses, volunteering, and shaking hands, he grabbed many attentions and got appeals. His speech emphasized on being proud and open. Milk compared gay rights movement to civil rights movement and wanted to prove that he can make a change like in the civil rights movement. He begun campaign for gay men in August 1973. Because he was gay, there were many oppositions, and it

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