Haskell Observes The Songs Of The Birds In The Forest Analysis

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On April 16th, Haskell observes the songs of the birds in the forest. “The dry buzz unleashes a confusion of songs from all directions, a jumble of tempos and timbres.” (Haskell, pg 81) Haskell describes how birds use these beautiful songs to mate. Male birds, he explains, take years to perfect this song. The songs are used to help attract female birds for mating. In the larger scale, these songs are a daily normal in the morning. Most humans wake up on a daily bases hearing birds sing their song, but they never bother to pay attention to it. However, when taking a closer look, we understand the purpose for these songs, and thes songs become even more beautiful and unique. Haskell illustrates how the Earth’s crust is similar to the human race. “The earth’s crust has, grain by grain, disassembled and rebuilt itself over and over to the rhythm of millions of millennia.” (Haskell, pg 95) As the earth breaks down and rebuilds itself, humans do the same thing. Haskell explains how the human race is not endangered of becoming extinct because of our life cycle. Just like the earth, we eventually die, or disassemble. However, because we reproduce, we are able to rebuild the human race. Haskell compares the earth’s crust to the human race in order to help us understand how unique the earth truly is. The earth seems even more beautiful and unique as Haskell describes how magnificent it truly is. As Haskell continues observing, he explains the different rocks he sees. "These

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