Hatchet Quotes

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Have you ever been stranded by yourself in the wild? Well in the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Brian got stranded. Brian couldn't have done it if he didn't have food. I think the two most important Ah Ha moment is when the figured out which way his father was. Today we will be talking about the text in hatchet. It says on chapter 17 ¨West he thought I am watching the sunset in the west. And that way is north were his father was...¨ . I chose this one because it is talking about his dad. It is also telling about were his father is. He relized that his dad was that way. The next quote is from chapter 19 it says ¨ If I am not careful he thought they´ll last as long as I want them to...¨. I chose this one because it tells about his food and i

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