Hate Crime Argument

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Hate Crime is a growing hot topic and needs to be discussed. Being a relatively touchy subject no one really wants to truly discuss and express their own ideas about it. Don Feder and Eric Holder were the ones to step up and give their opinions on the matter. While Feder and Eric Holder had different opinions on the subject they both wrote compelling and convincing arguments. However the overall better argument came down to something as little as using pathos in their arguments. One article having left out some important writing styles made it possible to decide a better argument. The article "Hate Crimes Legislation Criminalizes Thought" ,by Don Feder, held a much better argument than that of Eric Holder's "Hate Crimes are Necessary". …show more content…

However his extensive use of emotional writing lead to one weakness which is a lacking of factual statements and logos. Regardless of this his expression of his own opinion was enough to compel the reader regardless of his factual correction. However if the subject were read in a different context one would clearly see the lack of credibility of his accusations to the legislation. Over all Don Feder wrote a strong and compelling article which holds a better argument than Eric Holder.
In Eric Holder’s “Hate Crime Laws Are Necessary,” he clearly expresses the opinion he has towards the legislation as positive. He thinks that this legislation is exactly what’s needed and that it is necessary to help prevent “hate crimes.” Being an African American, Eric holds a particularly personal opinion on the topic as he is in one of the groups picked as a target for hate crimes. This being said there is a small amount of bias in his passage leading to rash opinions on the topic. Eric however expresses his own clear view of the subject and that is his alliance with the proposal. Eric Holder took a more calm approach to the matter than Don Feder and began his article with facts of credibility other than thought provoking statements. Furthermore, Eric Holder continues to write factual statements and occurrences to support his claim but with a lack of emotion to

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