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Have you ever thought about the differences between the United States and other countries around the world? If you were to move across the world and live in Europe or Asia, you may see that the government, economy, and culture are different; In addition to those, the type and quality of health care will also change which is quite important regarding your health and wealth. Health Care by Noel Merino covers topics and issues around the world regarding health care. Throughout our American Government class, we have discussed and focused on topics that influence voters to vote for a certain party: The decision on what we should do with health care is one of the influencers. Since we have only studied what goes on in the United States because…show more content…
According to a 2010 survey, treatment can take up to 18.2 weeks and many Canadians wait around 9.3 weeks before being able to meet with a specialist: This can cause a major issue with patients who are in desperate need to visit a doctor. The next country that faces issues with receiving needed health care is India, as they are facing inequality in access to health care. In India, the accessibility to health care is being determined by a person’s gender, wealth, and geography: Caste is also another factor that can determine how easy a person can access health care. These factors also impact whether a person will be admitted into a hospital or not, as many hospitals prefer admitting wealthy individuals. So, although the demand for health insurance is high in countries like India due to the expensiveness of being uninsured and insufficient public financing, many people cannot get insurance or receive the care needed due to the inequities in health. China is the next country discussed in Chapter One, and according to the book, China has a plan to decrease the amount of people without health care. Since there are more than 200 million people in China without health insurance, the Chinese government has “announced a $124 billion, three-year overhaul of its health care system that aims to provide safe, effective, convenient and affordable health services to all the country’s 1.3 billion people.” The chapter also discusses the history of China’s health
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