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The last state admitted into the United States so far is Hawaii. Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959. The Hawaiian Islands were settled by the Polynesians first, about 2000 years ago. Then, in 1778, James Cook stopped in the Hawaiian Islands on his way to China. This is the first time the Westerners find out about Hawaii. After that, American ships began settling there, in the early 1800’s. From there, American missionaries come to the Hawaiian Islands, and they wanted to convert the Hawaiians to Christianity. Over time, Americans became very trusted advisors for the rulers. Eventually, in 1840, America would help Hawaii write their first Constitution. This helps them become even closer with the Native Hawaiians. 10 years later, the sugar …show more content…

Later on, in 1891, King David Kalakaua dies, and his sister, Liliuokalani becomes Queen. However, she only stayed queen for 2 years. This was because, unlike her brother, she had the courage to reject the new Constitution the Americans forced upon them. The Americans didn’t like that she tried to limit their power, so there were American marines sent in to protect the Americans. Queen Liliuokalani gave up her throne, when faced with guns, to avoid any more bloodshed. So, Queen Liliuokalani only got 2 years to serve as Queen. Then, in 1898, Hawaii is annexed by President McKinley. Some people had been wanting to annex Hawaii sooner, but President Grover Cleveland did not allow it. 2 years after this, Hawaii finally becomes an American territory. At this time, 1900, about ¼ of the population of Hawaii was made up of people born in Japan, because of the imported workers coming from other countries. About 60 years after Hawaii became an American territory, Hawaii becomes a state. Hawaii is declared the 50th state in the United States in 1959, partly due to all of the Americans and imported workers that came that increased the population. All in all, Americans had a big role in Hawaii’s evolution, and helped it become an American

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