Hawthorne's Short Story

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Hawthorne was lost in the moment; his eyes closed, and breathing heavy as his hands, lips and teeth wandered Harper's body. Through his mind flashed images of 'Isabel' on the night of the ball, and Harper Collin's as been when she'd walked into his office, and he attempted to reconcile both against the woman now bound to the Cross, legs and arms spread, ass bruised and welted from his spanks, skin scratched and marked, throat dripping blood from, and her juices flowing around his cock. Who was she, Harper or Izabel, and who would remain once she was satiated? It had been an eternity since Tisch's had lost such control of his faculties, however he knew he wasn't in a dream, from the sensations he experienced as his shaft sank ever deeper into …show more content…

All he knew was that the woman impaled on his cock, and screaming in pleasure was unlike any he'd ever been with before. He'd was giving her what she'd asked for, through all the mocking and taunts, and making her plead and cry out with pleasure as their flesh slapped together, his balls smacked her thighs, and the lewd, wet sounds of their fucking echoed around the room. The pleasure or the pain, which would remain in her linger in her memory for longest, and which would she in future crave …show more content…

Her scream almost burst his eardrums, and her juices soaked his shaft as Tisch continued to ravage her limp form. He tossed her around as if she were a rag doll, and fucked her raw through the climax, owning not just Harper's body, nor her pussy, but also her mind, her pain and her pleasure. The look in her eyes as she experienced what Steve Kirk had refused to give her, and possibly something that only Hawthorne Tisch could, was too much for the Landlord of the Manor. As her walls convulsed, and clenched around him, he threw his head back, emitted a primal scream to match hers, and allowed himself to release. The build-up and the sexual tension of the day departed his body, with the spurt of his thick, viscous seed deep inside her. The man came with enough force for the effort to contort his features, and for him to thrash even more harshly. His come combined with her juices as the two of them became one, and sprayed from her slit onto his thighs with each continued thrust. Together they climaxed, and Hawthorne had no concept of the time that had elapsed before they were

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