Hazing College Essay

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College; some look for the experience to open their minds in extending their educations; as others look at it as the first step towards adulthood and running away from home as fast as possible. Sororities and fraternities have been around for decades with America’s blind eye turned towards the injustices that encompass the stigma. Student hazing deaths are climbing and something has to change to prevent these actions. What will it take to change fraternity culture?
Evelyn and Jim Piazza’s son, Tim died last February 2016 after a frat hazing ritual at Penn State University. Tim, a Beta Theta Pi pledge had been forced to drink a toxic amount of alcohol and then tumbled head first down a flight of stairs. “His fraternity ‘brothers’ then placed …show more content…

Students are getting sexually assaulted and even dying because the federal government does not track hazing incidents. The Piazza family wants Penn State University to take more steps that include providing students a way to report such incidences anonymously in real time. University leaders describe the challenge of reforming fraternity culture as a balancing act. Schools have taken steps to limit alcohol and mandate anti-hazing workshops, but these tragedies continue to occur with alarming regularity …show more content…

I believe that the fraternity experience can be one of sister/brotherhood and acceptance. They also help out many causes and donate lots of money to charities and organizations. My legal personal analysis on the death of Tim Piazza is sad. I highly doubt members of Beta Theta Pi will be criminally charged. Many stupid mistakes were made that night by all, including Tim. A brilliant life was lost and his family will never get him back. Time will pass and stricter rules will be enforced but eventually, things will go back to the same ways. His fraternity brothers will always live with the secrets and guilt they shared on that fatal February 2016

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