Essay On College Hazing

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College hazing has been going on for years. It started in 1495 in a college in Germany. But today, 1.5 million high school students are hazed each year; 47% of students came to college already having experienced hazing. Alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, sleep-deprivation, and sexual acts are hazing practices common across all types of student groups (Hirschlag). Everybody knows hazing exist, but nobody seems to talk about it. Sometimes the victims suffer humiliation, debasement and harassment, with no choice ( That’s why someone needs to talk about hazing and why colleges really need to take another look at this big problem. Although not all sororities are full of mean, hazing girls and many “Sororities …show more content…

So what can our parents do to fix this problem or even just make more of us know about it. While most parents are excited about their children pursuing extracurricular activities and interests, the risk of hazing raises considerable safety concerns that cannot be ignored. As a parent, you should: “Talk to your teen about hazing and its possible dangers so he or she can be more proactive in maintaining his or her safety. Encourage your teen to research the organizations he or she is considering carefully. Social media may be particularly helpful, as research reports that pictures are posted online in about half of hazing incidents. Encourage your teen to maintain friendships across multiple settings, not just in one particular group or organization. Remind your teen that suspected hazing can be confidentially reported to campus

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