He Secured The Load, Reflecting On The Fact He Knew Of

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He secured the load, reflecting on the fact he knew of this Drea woman; it was difficult not to with all the goings-on of late, with her being ushered in and out of the castle in the dead of night. He’d caught nothing more than a glimpse of the back of her cloak and a lock of her long, red hair, but otherwise, this woman was a total stranger to him. Fine. He’d complete the work fast and then stop at the tavern for a flagon of ale and a game of dice. Or perhaps two of each. Gawain took the mare’s bridle in his hand. “Come on, pretty girl. Your new home awaits.” He made his way through the streets and down to Drea’s cottage. This was a pleasant part of the Town Center where people always seemed extra-friendly and the homes were kept up …show more content…

Uther put great emphasis on his knights’ lineage and proper breeding. But once Arthur ascended the throne, he changed the ways and laws of Camelot, the first being that any worthy man might present himself to Arthur and request to become a knight. If a man could prove his commitment to the kingdom, allegiance to the king, and demonstrate his skills, Arthur and his experienced knights would provide training. Now, it was not a simple path to becoming a knight, even if a man did not have to squire for years and years on end. First, there was the matter of passing all the brutal tests and training. The final test was a week in the forest with nothing but a flint and a belt knife. After a few days, so many men crawled back to the castle and begged for a different test and another chance. While Arthur was reasonable, this one test he would not change. “It is highly likely that at some point in your career as a knight you will be forced to fend for yourself alone, with no shelter, no weapons, and no aid. It would be unfair of me to take you on knowing your chance of survival would be slim. Try me again in a year.” That’s what Arthur would tell the men. Gawain survived the training and tests, and would be forever loyal to the king for giving him a chance, even if Arthur rarely spoke to Gawain these days. As Gawain pondered his past, the little boy in the garden looked up, spotted Gawain, and bounded forward. This child even looked a little like

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