He Would Do Better Once He Heard The Sea Analysis

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Tim O’Brien wants people to better understand the war and its impact on people. He does this by writing stories. He hopes that when people read these stories, even though they are fictional, that they will then better understand the war and better understand that war is very unforgettable, very emotional, and very terrifying. One of the concepts of war that Tim O’Brien is trying to make clear to people is that it is unforgettable. “He would do better once he reached the sea, he thought, still smiling a little. A funny war story he would tell his father, how Billy Boy Watkins was scared to death. A good joke. But even when he smelled salt and heard the sea, he could not stop being afraid.” People who have been involved in a war never forget what happened. The soldiers go through a…show more content…
“Though he was afraid, he now knew that fear came in many degrees and types and peculiar categories, and he knew that his fear now was not as bad as it had been in the hot afternoon, when poor Billy Boy Watkins got killed by a heart attack.” Fear comes in many levels, some of these levels are hard for people to endure without going crazy. This is one of the toughest topics to talk about, because no one wants to admit to being afraids. However, at one time or another people are scared of something and some people are frightened more often than others. It is important to Tim O’Brien that people who haven’t been involved in war, better understand it. He wants his readers to know the many ways a war can affect a person. He wants them to apprehend just how frightening war is, that it takes not only physical strength, but mental strength as well, and what soldiers endure during war is unforgettable and stays with them forever. He tries to inform people of these things by writing
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