Healing the Emotional Scars of Antwoine Fisher

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Antwoine Fisher was a man who was in the navy who had issues of aggression among his shipmates that would use vulgarity in their language that made him upset to the point that made him get into physical confrontations. He was a sailor with violent outbursts and tendencies. Although he was aware of being at risk of being kicked out of the navy for repetitive fighting, he was given the opportunity to see a naval psychiatrist. Making it difficult to open up to the doctor, Antwoine eventually did and reveals disturbing truths of his past life. He had issues that the average child would not experience, an example would be his childhood. In his childhood, he was bounced from foster homes where not only did he get habitual emotional abuse he was belittled by his caregivers at a very young age. After he decides to open up to the doctor, he begins to face his reality and locate the family he has never met. The focus of this paper is to identify the major problems he has experienced, the social and environmental factors that had an influence in the mental issues he was facing and is still battling today. First of all, Petty Officer Fisher was a single man with no children that served in the Navy. After admitting to assaulting a superior officer, disciplinary action was taken, that required him to perform 45 days of extra duty including restricted boundaries. Fisher had a history of inadequate impulse control. Now let’s have a look at the way he functioned. As an

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