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Health Advocacy Campaign Childhood obesity is considered one of the major pressing health issues of our century. The rate of childhood obesity has increased alarmingly, with the number of obese children under five globally standing at over 42 million today. Approximately 35 million of obese children are living in the developing countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) children who are obese and overweight are very likely to stay obese into their adulthood; further, they stand a high chance of developing non communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease while they are still young (Cheng, 2013). The purpose of this paper is to highlight the gravity of childhood obesity based on statistics and the …show more content…

Children can be quite mean and cruel to their peers, and is such cruelty that affects the morale of children struggling with obesity. Children who are overweight and obese miss school more that their normal weight peers, they also tend to exhibit reduced performance in academics and they become socially withdrawn (Crawford, et al., 2001). Advocacy Program Researched in This Area The various advocacy programs researched in this area include the factors of race and ethnicity as a contributing factor and interventions, parent’s knowledge and nutritional patterns and also the environmental factors (Barkomitz & Borchard, 2008). Analysis of the mentioned factors has lead to debates on interventional measures to help with obesity prevention in children. Though the literature points to the several interventions that have been used and those that are in the development, is however mostly decided that there is no one single cause for the cases of obese among the various populations (Kaplan, et al., 2005). Numerous studies have outlined differing cultural beliefs about the view of childhood obesity. They observed culture as a reason that contributes to childhood obesity. In Hispanic mothers for instance, their health attitudes and beliefs regarding early kids weight issues are mostly never in

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