Health And Wellness Is Sleep Disorders

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The topic that comes to mind when I think about health and wellness is sleep disorders. This is because my mom struggled with a sleep disorder called narcolepsy for some time. The matter that I would specify as my research problem is: “How living with narcolepsy affects quality of life”. This is a precise subject that outlines an area of interest to me that I would like to learn more about. My original idea was sleep disorders, and I narrowed it down to a specific disorder. After that, I made it even more precise by pinpointing a specific idea in regards to this topic.
I would begin searching for sources for this research topic on the Herzing University website in the library section. This library has several reliable databases that can be used to search for foundations of information. Several of these databases include “health”, “medical”, or “wellness” right in the title. It would be wise to use these databases to search for information about this specific topic rather than a more general database because the more precise databases will usually give more accurate results. It is important to remember what make a source great, and what makes a source not reliable at all.
A technological subject that interests me is television use in young children. I have a two year old niece, and my sister hardly lets her watch television. She is brilliant as she knows the alphabet, numbers, speaks quite fluently, is already training to use the bathroom on her own, and even knows what the

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