Health Awareness Of Autism By Deron Williams

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Within the world we live in today many different disorders and disabilities are up rising more and more. Out of many of these disorders and disabilities, communication disorder is one area that is not always understood but is becoming more visible. Communication disorder can be an impairment with speech, language and/or hearing ability. This impairment affects the way humans receive, send, process and comprehend verbal, nonverbal and graphic symbols from other humans or other sources. Particularly, a communication disorder that is becoming more aware in society is autism. Just like any disorder or disability, if one person has autism several other people, including that person, are influenced and affected by the disorder. These people…show more content…
Behavioral, social interaction and communication difficulties are all things that lead to the diagnosis of autism. Characteristics of behavioral difficulties include unusually focused interests, repetitive body movements, insistence on sticking to routines, unusual sensory interest, sensory sensitivities and intellectual impairment or learning difficulties. Someone with autism also shows social interaction difficulties. These manifest with limited use and understanding of non-verbal communication, difficulties forming friendships, lack of seeking to share enjoyment, interests and activities with others and difficulties with social and emotional responsiveness. Lastly, people with autism have difficulty communication in one form or another. This impairment delays language developments, difficulties initiating and sustaining conversations as well as stereotypes and repetitive use of language. After Deron Williams learned exactly what autism is and sees how his son is affected by autism he states, “It was tough because you start thinking. 'Is he going to have a normal life? ' Is he ever going to get married? Is he going to be able to play sports? ' It was sad, tough on us for a while. It 's been
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