Health Benefits Of Getting Braces

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Another great thing I learned from the interview is that I was too focused on academics and I must focus life outside of school more. That’s the reason I joined cross country running, and badminton with the school team this year, which I have never done before. I find that playing sports and getting involved more, makes me happier and healthier. I used to worry constantly about school, because I did not have a life outside of school and school was everything to me. After I learned this great lesson from Dr.Agapas, I started to get involved more especially with the KCVI badminton club. Interestingly, even though I am spending less time studying than before, I am improving my grades gradually. My second test was a great success which turns out …show more content…

The Benefits of Getting Braces (website 2)
2. How Braces Work (website 1)
3. The Three Types of Retainers and Their Pros and Cons (website 3)
The benefits of getting braces are beyond improving appearances. More importantly, braces improve speech, chewing, health, and oral hygiene. For some patients, it significantly boosts their self-esteem like myself. Overall it is beneficial to get braces, because it makes people happier and healthier.
“Braces make teeth straighter by putting pressure on your teeth and by staying in place for a certain amount of time”(website 1). Most patients only need braces with wires to keep pressure on the teeth, in some cases rubber bands are required (to apply more pressure on the teeth). Patients are required to schedule an appointment with their orthodontist to change the wires on their braces every 6-8 weeks. The orthodontics will put on thinker wires on your braces, which apply more force on your teeth. As a result, the constant pressure will correct alignment …show more content…

You might lisp at first when wearing it.

Figure 2 depicts the Hawley Retainer which is made of bendable wire.
2.Essix Retainer – “This type of retainer is made of molded clear plastic and resembles an Invisalign aligner ” (website 3). Most patients prefer this type of retainer because it is less noticeable than the Hawley retainer (See.Fig.3). Please note that Essix retainers have a much shorter lifespan than Hawley retainers.

Pros - Virtually invisible on the teeth.
Cons - Does not allow the teeth to touch in a natural way. Can be difficult to keep the interior surfaces clean. Traps liquid against the teeth (website 3).

Figure 3 depicts that Essix Retainer, is made of clear plastic
3.Permanent Bonded Retainer – “This type of retainer stays in your mouth all the time, because it is bonded (glued) to the back of your teeth. Usually this type of retainer is placed behind the six front lower teeth” (website 3). It will be extremely difficulty to floss the teeth (See.Fig.4).
Pros – Retains teeth well. Cannot be seen by other people since it is only bonded to the back of your teeth.
Cons – Difficult to floss. May cut or bother your tongue. May require dental wax to be comfortable at times (website

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