Health Care Access

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Grandcanyon university | Health Care Access Paper | Professor Barri Mallin | | Sheila Ford | 12/16/2012 | | The purpose of this paper is to inform you of a proposal that the Governor of Texas has proposed to the state, on how he feel about the health care reform. I will be talking about how the governor thinks by” issuing top-down mandates on a break-neck timetable is a surefire way to make things worse”. The health care reform legislation currently being considered not only poses a serious threat to patients and providers, but will also cost Texas taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. I will be explaining how the governor feels that President Obama’s plan will cause harm to the health care system,” by increasing…show more content…
“Extending Medicaid benefits to uninsured citizens at or below 100 percent of the federal poverty level will cost Texas an additional $2 billion in general revenue per year, in addition to the $19 billion in general revenue the state expects to spend on Medicaid in the 2010-11 biennium. This type of federal government spending mandate would erode the state’s economic viability without containing health care costs or improving health care quality and access”. Gov. Perry has good points on how to fix the health care problem for Texas, only if he is allow to mandate them, the statement that he made are so true, if we had a health system to assist the lower income people, where they would have the same benefits as others and not have the premium so high where they can’t afford the care, as well as their co-pay. I know the money will have to come from somewhere but do it have to hurt the one’s that make it? The people of Texas work very hard for very little, I should know because I live in Texas and there is not very good pay here, and when you have to work very hard for it and to work that hard and not be able to provide health care for you and your family it’s heartbreaking, and now that the President has pass a law stating that everyone has to have some type of health care insurance. “The states may be allowed to reallocate these monies directly to
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