Health Care Chapter 2 Assignment

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Chapter Two Assignment
1.) Describe how race, ethnicity, social class, and gender access to health care in the United States.
Millions of individuals suffer from hundreds of different diseases, and illness on a daily basis, and unfortunately a majority of them don’t have access to proper health care services. Race, ethnicity, social class, and gender play a huge role in allowing individuals access to high- quality health care services. “The most comprehensive recent research on inequalities in health care for U.S. minorities shows that, even with equivalent insurance, racial and ethnic minorities are likely to receive less or inferior care compared with whites” (Kornblum; Pg. 38). It is believed that certain races, ethnicities, social class, and genders are more likely to encounter more diseases and illnesses than most, which causes their life expectancy to be low, and for this they are not granted equal health care. Millions die everyday from diseases that could easily be treated if only they had the proper health care services.

2.) Describe the current state of health-care costs. What factors influence the cost of health care in the United States? What will likely happen if these costs continue to rise? Who will be hurt the most and how?
Health-care costs are rapidly growing, and are at an all-time high. “In fact, because of the rapidly increasing cost of medical care in recent years, the U.S. health care system is often said to be in crisis” (Kornblum; Pg. 40). Having

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