Health Care, Preventative Medicine, And Wellness Programs

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The traditional meaning of progress is advancing toward any specific goal. A goal can vary from a promotion at work or purchasing a home to starting a family or learning to speak a foreign language. Considering the variations in goals, how then is progress measured? Can it be universal? Unrestricted? Or is it personal and exclusive? The term ‘progress’ fluctuates in meaning depending on who the term is being applied to in addition to the sense in which it is being discussed. Medically, technologically, and socially are some manners that progress affects larger and increasingly immense populations; nevertheless, there are countless other forms of progress, both individual and world-wide. On a universal scale, diverse groups of people uniting and approaching a common target is progress. Because progress is never truly achieved, rather, the goal simply changes, evolution and growth are everlasting. A countless multitude of achievements have been actualized across the globe and an infinite many more will be realized in the future. Health care, preventative medicine, and wellness programs have extended to a considerable mass of underprivileged countries; meanwhile, larger and wealthier nations have engineered numerous advancements in the medical field. Assorted technologies have assisted in said improvements. Not only have these developments encouraged the medical field in generating improvements, but have also employed distinct techniques to better connect people across the
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