Health Care Provider And Faith Diversity

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity In health care, health care professionals come in contact with various religions, cultures, beliefs, and worldviews. Although many of the world views may differ, faith in a higher power remains the same. Furthermore, being able to compare two prevalent cultures such as Christianity and Buddhism, shows that faith is prevent along with the rituals that go along with them. However, for many, taking care of someone with a different religious preference can be difficult at times, the basic underlying concepts of health, healing, and kindness remain the same. This paper will address the different worldview questions, compare the different beliefs, spiritual perspectives, critical components, important…show more content…
For Christians, a human being is the creation of its maker in its image, thus humans are made in the image of God. Christians also believe that after death they transcend to a higher state, and transcend into Heaven. The reason why humans know or understand anything at all is because God created them to understand rationality, just like God created humans with a moral compass to understand the difference between right and wrong. Finally, the meaning of human history is to realize and understand the purpose of God and his paradise on earth to love and care for one another (Sire, n.d.). Buddhism is Non-theistic, and does not address God, or “a God”, nor do Buddhist believe that there is “no God”. Buddhism believes in reincarnation and karma, and their reality consists of spiritual and material worlds. Furthermore, Buddhist believes that humans have no soul, and their primary problem is dealing with suffering, which is ultimately caused by desire. However, the afterlife of a Buddhist is a cycle of rebirth, and reincarnation, and Buddhist will continue to be reborn until they attain nirvana (WorldviewU, n.d.). Comparative Analysis of the Different Belief Systems Christianity and its teaching of Jesus Christ started approximately 2,000 years ago. It is said that Christianity is one of the most influential religions, and there are more than 2 billion followers. Christianity has been divided into three different branches
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