Health Care Reform And The Affordable Care Act

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The passage exhibits the 2010 Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in the U.S. that put the topic of health care reform and health care costs in the national spotlight again. Once employers starting abandoning in managing the care. The purpose of this paper is discuss the Health Care Reforms of the key issues, challenges, opportunities and is the health care reform good thing or not. The enactment of the health care reform comes from the path of dependence. The Health Care Reform, was passed by President Obama, this is a federal government’s role that is financed by delivering a health care system. “The Supreme Court upheld most of the Obama administration’s 2010 health care law, allowing the government to fine people…show more content…
The practice of health insurance and public regulations were the restricted province of the states. By 2019, under current projections, overall will be spending more than double in the billions. Medicare is projected to saving over $150 billion. Through readings it appears the Medicare could possibly result in cuts in coverage for beneficiaries. The health care system does appear to support lowering the rate of expansion of Medicare spending. This offers advance care preparation for consumer with serious illness. The attitudes of the healthcare reform, is the rising healthcare costs has become a burden to many Americans. The big concern, can Americans afford to insure everyone, because there are many Americans especially the young who are now forced to have insurance otherwise penalized. It is true the many Americans decisions are based how to rational the health care resource are limited. The rising healthcare costs have had an adverse impact to many individuals. Due to the costs continuing of the Gross Domestic Product has grown over 11% back in 1987 and in 2005 to 16%; it can impact the decision when choosing the right healthcare package based on their income. Greater public knowledge of the healthcare system may be necessary to influence attitudes toward the system (Nixon, T and Aruguete, M, 2010, p 360). When President Nixon voiced out the idea in 1974, of a universal health insurance, where Americans will
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