Health Determinants On Health

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Health determinants are the factors that can have a positive or negative impact on a person’s health. Many things can affect how healthy we are, from a complex interplay between macro to molecular influence to influences from society (for example, the prevalence of drug and alcohol use), to individual factors such as genetic make-up. Education, employment, income, lifestyle, psychosocial and physiological factors can also influence a person’s health and wellbeing. Health can also be significantly affected, and modified to some extent, by the quality and timeliness of the health care services we receive, including preventative health care such as education, screening and immunization.
This multidimensional model (Figure 1, below) explains how a person's health and wellbeing result from a complex interplay between the influences listed above and other health determinants.
Figure 1: Conceptual framework for Australia's health 2016

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