A Model of Determinents of Health

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A determinant of health refers to an aspect that leads to change in health status,either for the benefit or non-benefit (Keleher and Murphy, 2004). In this perspective a model was introduce in 1991.In the following paragraphs, we will discuss this model and relation of all determinants with each other, Ie choose education determinant out of living and working conditions layer of the model and further i shall give explanation on about this determinant to health and wellness. Furtherdown, there will be disscussion about how does education factor affect the health of maori people in rural area. Then explanation will be done about how and why inequalities and disparities be found among varient groups of society.

The concept of a social determinants model policy was developed to translate audience. one of the most widely known Dahlgren and Whitehead's model, which Europe (Dahlgren and Whitehead 1991) determinants of health. arc ranging from broad social situationsSocial and community networks, through individual lifestyle factor.
To improve population health status and health inequalities, this is to Identify and understand key factors that are important to protect and promote good Health. These factors are known as determinants of health there are five layers and all the social determinants model are associated. first Age, gender and genetic factors are highly important for health, and yet they are largely seen as improving access and public health strategies, policies

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