Health Is Mentally, Spiritually And Socially

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What is Health?
Mentally, Physically, Spiritually & Socially
Kelsey Whiting
University of Massachusetts Boston

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Nursing 212, Section 4, taught by Professor Peterson.

Health was once a very basic word with simply one meaning. For many years health professionals defined health as “the absence of diagnosable disease”, and it was as simple as that (Murdaugh, Parsons & Pender, 2006, p. 6). If you didn’t have a disease then you were considered healthy. In today’s world, that is just one of the many meanings of the word “health”. The world is so diverse, composed of different social, ethnic, cultural, and religious groups whom all have different values and beliefs. These different opinions have allowed the medical field to grow which has ultimately helped shape a multitude of definitions for the word “health”. We now understand that there are different degrees as to how healthy someone is. Just because two people lack disease does not mean that they are equally as healthy (Murdaugh, Parsons & Pender, 2006, p. 6). There are many characteristics of a given person that allow them to fall on a spectrum of healthiness. The medical field no longer defines the word health in as basic of a form as “the absence of diagnosable disease”, but rather as a compositions many components; mental, physical, emotional, and social.
Mental health is a person’s state with regard to their psychological well-being. It is important to have good

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