Health Professionals Should Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Cultures

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As the population becomes more diverse it is crucial for one to become culturally competent. Health professionals should gain a deeper understanding of cultures instead of memorizing traits that are attributable to certain culture (Kostas & Vela, 2015). Care team should consist of both interprofessional and culturally competent providers to ensure optimal care and a better quality of life for patient. Incorporating shared decision-making including information sharing, treatment options, and mutual agreement on a treatment plan, is an important factor for reducing healthcare inequities. Diversity in Hemodialysis Center Awareness of critical perspective, according to Getzlaf and Osborn (2010) involves adopting viewpoints that are different from the norm and accepting that there are different perspective of culture and health. Broadening one’s understanding of culture to include not just ethnicity, but age, gender, and socioeconomic, can increase ones awareness of critical perspective. Healthcare providers in hemodialysis center are missing key elements of patients health when they only care for the patients physiologically. Depression is a prevalent psychological illness among ESRD patients going through hemodialysis (Battistella, 2012; Cohen et al., 2007; Feroze et al., 2010; Keskin & Engin, 2011). This patient population is at risk for a lower quality of life and a increase in mortality and morbidity (Battistella, 2012; Feroze et al., 2010; Keskin & Engin, 2011). To
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