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Students in impoverished communities feel as if they cannot reach their dreams because of the conditions in which they are raised.Some students feel as though they are unable to over poverty. I know from experience that all it takes to motivate children is exposure to their possibilities. This will motivate them to go out and make their dreams realities. I learned this from the person that inspires me, my mentor, Anita Johnson. She is the coordinator of Health Professions Affinity Community (HPAC), a program that allows students to focus on medical disparities within their community. The students develop a project and implement a plan to alleviate these disparities. It is her job to help us succeed in our groups, but what inspires me most …show more content…

It is because of Anita Johnson that I want to help high school students reach their full potential and help them be change agents in society. The simple act of letting them know they are worth something great creates an inner drive to do better. I would like to motivate the students by . When students find their passion, they go out and do wonderful things in the world. What they do creates their value.
As of today, I demonstrate the idea that young minds are valuable through my HPAC group. I created this group not only from personal experiences, but also learning that my experiences were all too common. Finding out that my own school district had the highest suicide attempt rate in America was heartbreaking. I knew that there was something to be done to alleviate this. This pushed me into creating Helping Our Peers Excel (H.O.P.E.).
H.O.P.E focuses on reducing depression within our community by eliminating one of the main factors of depression- stress. I developed a plan that includes the upperclassmen guiding the underclassmen in academics, life, and emotions. Knowing they have this support, the underclassmen will have less stress in their lives. I want to spend my future tearing down this barrier. I see myself filled with a strong spirit for the betterment of disadvantaged students. Their success will be my

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