Health Program Sustainability

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“Program sustainability or survival is increasingly recognized as an important outcome of health programs. Substantial resources are often committed to community-based health programs, yet programs are often short- lived” (Mermelstein, Sporer, Emery & Curry, 2009). For maintaining a viable health promotion program it is very important to understand the different factors that will affect the sustainability of the program. “Planning for sustainability requires, first, a clear understanding of the concept of sustainability and operational indicators that may be used in monitoring sustainability over time. Important categories of indicators include: (1) maintenance of health benefits achieved through an initial program, (2) level of institutionalization…show more content…
It depends a lot on community leaders as to how much priority they give towards tobacco cessation programs for youths. Awareness of the issue in community is another major factor in success of a program. In some communities and cultures there is lack of public awareness of ill effects of tobacco smoking. Program has to be culturally relevant. The infrastructure has to be great for adolescent smoking interventions. Legislature is weak in controlling tobacco sales. Smoking taxes can be further increased to discourage smoking among youths. There is a lack of local capacity to implement the program in all schools. There is lack of cost data. Staff time in schools need to be considered. Adolescent’s family life and social structure needs to be considered. The reduced budgets of many state tobacco control programs make it difficult to maintain staff and infrastructure (LaPelle, Zapka, & Ockene, 2006). The planning begins by identifying who will use the program: who will adopt it, who will implement it, and who will be responsible for sustaining the program over time. A reassessment of the planning group is necessary to ensure representation of potential program adopters and implementers (Bartholomew et al., 2009. p.506). We’re not able to asses or collect data from the program the efficacy of the program was…show more content…
Recruit and retain more students for program services through screening. Build new initiatives and utilize more networking at state and local levels. Work as a team to build new partnerships with local health centers and physicians. Utilize families into interventions and for support. Work together to build new partnerships on common issues like tobacco cessation. Utilize media and press releases to create appropriate messages for adolescents. In schools utilize nurses for tobacco counselling. “We suggest that the potential influences on sustainability may derive from three major groups of factors: (1) project design and implementation factors, (2) factors within the organizational setting, and (3) factors in the broader community environment”(Shediac-Rizkallah, & Bone ,1998). In today’s world technology plays an important role in sustainability of a program. “Technical assistance and training (TAT) is widely used to transfer knowledge and technology and to, assist states, locales, organizations, and individuals with building capacity to solve problems and achieve objectives. TAT provides a mechanism that focuses on capacity building to encourage dissemination of knowledge and implementation of effective programs. Such programs help sustain tobacco control efforts” (Bullock & Moody-Thomas, 2011). As suggested by Sterling et al (2009), “To facilitate the
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