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Middleboro Community Health Issues Case Study HCM 5102 Jordan Seidle Fox School of Business MBA Candidate Middleboro Community Health Issues Introduction The county of Hillsboro appears to be a rural, and somewhat isolated, conservative community with some common healthcare related issues that are present in many other rural communities. Educational levels for community members are relatively low, and much of the workforce in the area comes from manufacturing facilities. Due to higher health related costs from manufacturing workers, along with a strong union influence, increases in the community healthcare costs are becoming more present. In addition to this, the more isolated communities within Hillsboro County have a …show more content…

Currently, there are only 576 beds, many of which are not accessible to many of the people who may be utilizing Medicare or Medicaid. This suggests that at minimum, there is a need for 205 new beds within Hillsboro County. Assessing the county population for a 4.31% growth in the over 65 age group (which is a low estimate, due to the large 45-64 group within the county), and including an additional facility for the Carter Village’s 110 new assisted living program, the number of available beds in 5 years appears to be 686, compared to a demand of 814. Although this facility appears to assist this problem, there still is a need for 128 additional beds for long term care. Again, this is a low estimate, due to the long term care facilities are not necessarily accessible to everyone in the county, as Senior Living of Mifflenville is a private facility, and it does not appear to meet the needs of many of the people who would require Nursing Home Care. This also accounts for 170 of the available beds within the county, which indicates that there is a high need than the aforementioned estimate. To add an additional 128 bed facility in the county could prove to meet a high need within the county. Due to the high rate of growth within the Jasper area, in addition to the limited nursing home access there currently (with Jasper Gardens as the exception), this seems to be a good place to add

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