Healthcare And The Unified Healthcare System Essay

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Healthcare around the world is a trending topic in many countries, but we are seeing it especially evident in the push from the millennial generation with more of a socialistic view. In the BRIC countries we see that Brazil is the only country that has a Universal Healthcare that is referred to as SUS, Sistema Único de Saúde, in English the Unified Healthcare System. Healthcare has become a major event in almost every country; due to the increasing amount of medical needs in our world and technology advances. It seems that there is no such thing as a perfect system that satisfies all citizens of a country, however countries like Switzerland and Brazil seem to have an edge that the rest of the world may be overlooking. It seems that universal health care could be the future that lies before us.
First, we will have to analyze the different characteristics that lead up to the success of each country’s healthcare system. For example, size, population, functionality, technology, corruption, and other current events are believed to play a major role in the success of Universal Healthcare. We will also be looking at the possible solutions in the holes that are in different Universal Healthcare systems. Since we are studying BRIC countries we will be focusing in on looking at Brazil, as they are the only BRIC country that is using Universal Healthcare mixed with the option of privatized. Brazil does not require everyone to use the public system, but it is offered to everyone.

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