Healthcare Between Canada And The United States

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This paper will compare the healthcare service and healthcare status between Canada and the United States. Canada and the United States have a totally different healthcare system. Many people argued that the United States healthcare system needs some upgrading, while, some people admire Canada’s healthcare system due to the fact that Canada’s healthcare does more for less. Research has shown that Canada spends less of its’ GDP on it’s healthcare yet performs better than the United States.
Canada and the United States have quite a few differences in their healthcare status and healthcare services. Canada has a universal coverage, no financial barriers, more equitable, no coinsurance and unequal drug benefits and the health insurance plan is administered in each province by a public agency which operates on a non-profit basis and is responsible to the provincial government; whereas, the United States have some financial barriers, there is no universal public health insurance and access primarily depends on the type and extent of coverage, responsible for administering and controlling the health care system is diffused, and involves private insurers, employers, and federal, state and local governments. Infant mortality in both countries are similar and there is a small gap between the life expectancy between the two countries.

Health Status and Health Care Services in Canada with comparison to the United States
Main Point #1: Coverage differences between Canada and the
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