Canadian Healthcare Vs Us Healthcare Analysis

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This paper will discuss the Canadian healthcare system compared to the United States healthcare system. Although they’re close in proximity, these two nations have very different health care systems. Each healthcare system has its own difficulties, and is currently trying to find ways to improve. Canada currently uses the Universal Health Care system; which provides healthcare coverage to all Canadian citizens (Canadian Health Care, 2007). The services are executed on both a territorial and provincial basis, by staying within the guidelines that have been enforced by the federal government (Canadian Health Care, 2007).
The United States (U.S) healthcare system is a large private system that consist of multiple payers, which leaves the U.S …show more content…

Canada’s healthcare system is more accessible than the U.S, because Canada’s healthcare system covers all Canadian citizens as opposed to the U.S. healthcare system which depends on a person’s insurance. The U.S healthcare system is an insurance based system. In 2012, the U.S spent 2.8 trillion on healthcare (). Despite such spending on health care, many U.S. residents had no health insurance and several aggregate measures of health quality and outcomes recorded in the USA were poorer than the corresponding data from other high-income countries. In the U.S. if a citizen does not have insurance they will have to pay out of pocket for normal health care services. These out of pocket costs are usually extremely high. To put it in perspective, 18% of U.S citizens do not have health insurance (Costello, …show more content…

There are some factors that lead to criticism of the U.S. First is administrative inefficiency, according to (Woolhandler, Campbell, and Himmelstein 2003), the U.S tends to spend more funds because of its dysfunctional insurance system, medicine price, and high hospital and physician cost. Some people pay very high prices for mediocre insurance and care, while others choose to have insurance that is paid by the government, which depending on the demographics it can be good or bad. The second factor is that physician’s earn more for providing the same services in the U.S as opposed to physicians in Canada. A brain surgeon in the U.S can be paid more depending on his clientele and location. He has the option to choose if he wants to take a person’s insurance and if not he can determine how much the patient should pay. For example, surgeons in big cities such as New York and Los Angles can choose what and if any insurance they want to take from a patient. As opposed to Canada a physician is considered a government

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