Healthcare Contract Analysis

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Contract considerations When deciding to contract out in relation to health care services, it is important to have a full understanding of what requirements are to the contract. One should consider what service is being provided and what would be the likelihood of successful implementation of the service. Knowing how many people are likely to require the service is also important as it ties directly to understanding how much funding would need to be provided by the private party. Considering the experience of the pri-vate partner in the health care field is also critical. Carefully reviewing any past contracts, they have been or are currently a part of, to determine if they have a history of success. Their also needs to be an understanding…show more content…
Choosing who to include in the steering committee is the first step. It is important to have those with experience in the health care industry and are who have the knowledge needed to process the information that would be coming in. Nishtar (2004) speaks of the importance of impartiality in health, saying there is the potential to shift focus from the marginalized which is in contrast to the idea of equality in health. It is also important to provide legitimacy to the group, to avoid any doubt in the outcome of the project. The steering committee therefore determine that two agencies would assist in developing the roadmap to finance the project, St. Luke’s Health Initiatives and the Legacy foundation. (Applegate et. al, 2009) It is important that publicly run agencies remain included in the operation of health programs. If there are not the same requirements for safety and health on the side of the private sector, there is the potential for disastrous outcomes. The issue of accountability can doom many partnerships if all parties are not held accountable for the delivery of “efficient, effective, and equitable services in a partnership.” (Nishtar, 2004, p. 5) With private com-panies providing the funding for these partnerships, they could choose to only provide services within certain communities. Potentially excluding those who are members of groups they may not want to support. This could lead to ethical or legal ramifications for the state although the private sector may be managing the
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