Healthy People 2020

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In the Common Wealth Fund’s most recent report of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, despite the fact the US Health care system has the highest healthcare per capita expenditure and the highest proportion of specialists; it consistently has an overall ranking of last, in comparison to other industrialized nations in terms of health care efficiency, equity, quality, access, and healthy lives (Davis, Stremikis, Squires & Schoen, 2014). Healthy lives measured by mortality amenable to health care (deaths prevented with timely and effective care), healthy life expectancy and infant mortality, illustrates that a country is ensuring individuals live long and flourishing lives (Davis, Stremikis, Squires & Schoen, 2014). Healthy People 2020 which was launched …show more content…

The black infant mortality rate in 2010, (11.8) was similar to the white infant mortality rate in 1980 (11.7); an unbelievable thirty year difference for a balance measure (Florida Vital Statistics Annual Report, 2012). Currently, in the local community of Orange County, Florida the infant mortality rate exceeds that of the US at 7.5, and the rate is also doubled in African American women at 13.5, wheres it is 5.6 for births by white women (Florida Charts, 2014). Per Florida Charts (2014), disorders related to short gestation (pre-term birth – less than 37 weeks of pregnancy) and low birth weight, followed by sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) are the leading causes of infant deaths in African American births in Orange County, which is relative to the rest of the …show more content…

Social capital includes two avenues – bridging and bonding, that have the the ability to improve healthier outcomes in communities; research has shown that communities with higher levels of social capital have a higher mortality rate (Policy Link, 2002). Bonding improves the overall relationships, as lack of trust is profound in minority communities; and bridging enhances the association through culturally appropriate messaging in an effective manner (Policy Link, 2002). Social capital avenues are critical for services that provide quality healthcare access and positive outcomes (Policy Link, 2002). Partnerships are substantial to build an infrastructure that is often missing key variables and requires the involvement of multiple sectors (Policy Link, 2002). Communities through task forces are also able to challenge government authorities and industries on deteriorating environments, and correlation to debilating health (Policy Link, 2002). Community concerns often go beyond that particular region, so it is of utmost importance that attention and connections are also made outside of the community; policies – local, state, and federal often have implications on the community state of affairs (Policy Link,

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