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Health Care Health Care Abstract Health care is essential for all no matter which country they call theirs and the United States is no exception and provides a good example of how the creation of insurance has grown into a controversial subject for many reasons. Spikes in costs, illegal claims, insider trading, and various other factors contribute to many issues surrounding costs, risks, greed, and ill settled suits are just a few of the issues. Areas such as price ceilings, economical instabilities, and governances contribute to areas afore mentioned. Health care costs have risen steadily for years. “Health care expenditures reported in 2008 exceeded $2.3 trillion” (Miller, nd) this figure reportedly will increase throughout the…show more content…
For companies and small businesses, with the rise of health care costs, means there is going to be less money for new equipment, research, expansion, and better facilities to provide the public. In return, that also means there are going to be less jobs available, and possibly some jobs lost due to not be able to afford as many employees. This limits consumer spending and hurts the business in retrospect. Health care also affects the economy because the cost to provide health care for Medicaid and Medicare participants is distributed through the national budget department. When the government takes on the cost for people who cannot afford them, it impacts the economy by taking more money away from other areas that could help improve our society. When Americans cannot afford health care costs and they go into debt, it creates an additional economic burden that is merely impossibly to rid. GDP Gross domestic product (GDP) is on the market period of all officially recognized goods and services made throughout America within a given set period of time. This often indicates how a countries standard of living is. GDP is not about measuring a person 's personal income; it equals the gross domestic income. The GDP can be determined in only three different ways, the product and income approach, and the expenditure approach. The most important of the three ways to
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