Context Aware Technology In Health Care Essay

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Healthcare is becoming a global issue while the world’s population is expanding and standard of living is rising. In 2011, according to United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index, Australia ranked second (Boslaugh, 2013). Despite the overall good status of health, the improvement in healthcare is necessary because the world witnessed a dramatic growth in the aging population as well as the outbreak of the pandemics in the recent centuries. Not only that, these trends will continue in the coming years. While the pressure on healthcare and social welfare systems is growing, a variety of possible solutions have been proposed to improve the healthcare quality. In a number of solutions, context-aware technology is a research …show more content…

In another research, Preuveneers, Berbers & Joosen (2013) stated the main factor which makes individual feel completely being in control is good techniques of data visualization. The approach and methods used by these authors are gathering data day by day to filter for similar situations and scenarios of the past. Based on that, the system can provide a suggestion for the diabetes patients to choose their insulin dosage. Clearly, each strategy is suitable in difference situations but in general context-aware technology can be used to offer support for the decision-making by the ability of collecting data automatically. Without doubt, with the information overload today, using context aware technology to support for decision-making will outbreak in near future not only in healthcare area but also in other fields such as business, sports or even military. Most of the literature has focused on remote patient monitoring. This is becoming vital in healthcare quality in recent years because of the benefits that it brings. Preuveneers and Berbers (2008, p.177) highlight that a context-awareness application based on the native mobile frameworks can offer support to individuals who suffer diabetes to make better choices or to manage their health independently. As a result, these advantages may lead to a more pleasant life for patients. The positive

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