Heart Of Darkness Analysis

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In the Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad suggests that when removed from civilization and unrestrained, people succumb to the evil in human nature and regress into savagery. Charlie Marlow, the protagonist of the story, ventures out into the depths of Africa, eager to explore its unknown territories. Despite hoping for success, Marlow learns of the horrors that lie behind the curtain of civilization. Throughout the novel, the author presents this main idea with certain elements of fiction. A key scene that portrays the theme of the story occurs when Marlow follows Kurtz’s path from his steamboat into the wilderness. Kurtz, who represents the result of unchecked ambitions, recalls his experience in the wilderness, and readers learn of his character prior to his downfall. This scene displays the main idea using the author’s style, the point of view, and the characterization of Kurtz. This scene sheds light on the aspects of Conrad’s style by using visual imagery, auditory imagery, repetition, and personification. As Marlow ventures into the jungle, Conrad uses visual and auditory imagery to describe the “gleam of fires,” “throb of drums,” and “the drone of weird incantations” of the forest, producing an eerie, sinister atmosphere and giving the impression of future forlorn events. In this scene, Conrad uses repetition to emphasize Kurtz’s loneliness as the “spell of the wilderness” surrounds him and how he separates himself from societal principles. In addition to

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