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Amanda Garcia
Advancement Placement Literature and Composition
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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

1. Heart of Darkness
2. As a young boy, Conrad had a passionate desire to travel the sea; this desire was then conceded by his Uncle who took care of him when his parents died. When Conrad was around the age nine years old, he set in his mind that when he grew up he would go to Africa, the place where he once placed his finger upon on a blank space on a map that had an unsolved mystery. The main character, Marlow, is used in Heart of Darkness to reflect upon Conrad himself and his journey to the Congo in 1890. This novel, as well as the all of the others he has written, is filled with dark and gloomy encounters with
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Narrative Style is the position of who is telling the story. The Narrative style of Heart of Darkness is a framed narrative, this meaning there is an anonymous passenger in the novel who is listening to Marlow tell his experiences and what he witnessed in first person.
5. Characters: A. Major/ Dynamic :
1. Charlie Marlow
a. Description: is first seen on board as a man with sunken cheeks, a yellow complexion, sitting in a position resembling Buddha. In the novel he has the role as being a sea man. Marlow can emotionally be seen as man who is skeptical about imperialism because of his encounters with corrupt white men.
b. Function: Marlow is in this story to tell the journey he made to the Congo and his encounters along the way he experienced to get to the Chief Station to meet Kurtz.
c. Revelation: Marlow is revealed to the reader as a determined man who has
2. Kurtz
a. Description: He is emotionally a mad and enigma man who does not want to leave because he knows he has a superior position over the natives.
b. Function:
c. Revelation: Kurtz is revealed as a “universal genius” who is the chief of the inner station. He fears no God no evil and let alone any common man. Other characters in the novel see him as a prodigy, while readers also find out that he is a gifted musician and a fine
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