Heart Of Darkness

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Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is based on Conrad’s firsthand experience of the Congo region of West Africa. Conrad was actually sent up the Congo River to an inner station to rescue a company agent who died a few days later aboard ship. The story is told by a seaman named Charlie Marlow and is rearranged through the thoughts of an unidentified listening narrator. This story, on level, is simply about a voyage into the heart of the Congo. On another level, it is about the journey into the soul of mankind.
On a boat anchored in the Thames River outside London, a sailor named Marlow remarks to his friends that the land they’re standing on was once a place of darkness and an uncivilized wilderness. This …show more content…

After three long months of repairs, Marlow and a small crew of white people and about thirty Africans begin to journey up the river towards Kurtz’s station through a jungle setting that strikes Marlow as apprehensions, peculiar and enormous. About fifty miles before Kurtz’s station, they come across a reed hut with wood stacked for the steamboat’s fuel and a message that they should proceed with caution.

A couple of mornings later they are awaken to find themselves surrounded by a thick fog through which they hear a commotion of threatening voices. Once the fog lifts, they quickly set sail again and then find themselves assaulted by a thick shower of

arrows. The white guys on the boat fire back into the brush with a haze of hysteria and Marlow steers the steamboat close to the shore to avoid difficulty and his African helmsman is killed by a spear being thrust between his ribs. Marlow tosses the dead helmsman overboard into the river in order to keep the cannibals on board to be tempted to eat him. He blows the steam boat’s whistle and the sound of the screech, the aggressors run in horror from the noise.
Soon the Marlow and his crew arrive at the Inner Station, where they are greeted excitedly by a Russian

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