Heartbreaking Infant Morality in Ohio Essay

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Infant Mortality in Ohio The Columbus Dispatch editorial "Saving Our Kids" gives a disturbing look at the high infant mortality rates in Ohio, and their plan to decrease these fatalities. It is truly shocking when beginning to take a look at these numbers. The Columbus Dispatch stated, "In Ohio, in 2011, more than one thousand children died before their first birthday". These numbers tell us that Ohio is failing our infants when it comes to keeping them healthy. Imagining the heartbreak and devastation that comes with having to bury a child is unthinkable. That being said, why is Ohio’s infant death rates so high? One issue is our inadequate healthcare system. The United States health care currently ranks …show more content…

These five factors alone accounted for "sixty-one percent of infant mortalities in Ohio from 2006 to 2010" (Ohio Department of Health). Some of these factors can be drastically reduced with increased education among women whether they are pregnant or not. The old saying "knowledge is power" becomes of upmost importance when it can save a child's life. The increase of education on smoking cessation, prenatal care, nutrition, and infant sleeping precautions during pregnancy can help to lower these rates. If mothers were better educated on these topics the rate of compliance would increase and the risks that come along with them can be decreased as suggested by The Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality (OCPIM). Poverty has also been shown to play a role in infant mortality. Living in poverty has been linked to significant rises in stress levels due to lack of money, poor living conditions, and high crime rates. Women who live in poverty stricken areas are also less likely to have access to quality healthcare, and these everyday stresses cause an increase in stress hormones. When these hormones are increased your blood pressure rises, and the body tends to store fat causing weight gain both of which have harmful effects on pregnancy as indicated by the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality. As poverty rates rise in the United States, solutions for how to decrease the correlation between poverty and infant

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