Heaven versus Hell in the Film Latin America since Independence

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In Latin America Since Independence, Alexander Dawson stated that the Cuban Revolution remains a “powerfully polarizing symbol.” This means that it causes people to adapt to opposing positions, the good versus the evil. For instance, the good was the Utopian vision, which consisted of the positive contribution that the Revolution brought with it to the poor and the Dystopian which would be the shaping of the social, political and private affairs. Utopian vision means to create ideas that would bring a nation into perfection. While, Dystopian is the opposite and demonstrate the reality of problem that in the case of Cuba was the totalitarian government and the social struggle of the people. Thanks to Oliver Stone’s film “Looking for Fidel,” …show more content…

These opposition, as it is discussed in Dawson’s textbook, was “Cuban in origin, [which] Castro managed to cast acts of sabotage, attempted assassinations, and any number of protests as the work of the CIA” (195). Fidel was fighting to get rid of all his internal and external enemies and according to him this would be possible by embracing a communism nation. Years after, the effect of radical economy policies caused Fidel to eliminate different professions and this made his enemies to go on exile, so the Kennedy Administration took this as an advantage and passed a law to give asylum to those Cubans who opposed the Fidel’s regime. However, it was interesting to know that it was an advantage to Fidel because he was able to get rid of the opposition. Later on, the importance that Fidel implement on getting of the opposition created organizations that brought young people and women to the struggle.
Olive Storm’s “Looking for Fidel Castro” illustrates the Utopian and the Dystopian vision of Cuba. In this film, we see how the interview to Fidel Castro brings examples of the two conflicting sides of the Cuban Revolution. First, Fidel discusses about the different events that took place when three men were killed for the attempt to hijack a ferry to the United States and about the failure to maintain the Cuban dissidents. He tries to blame those rebels and to

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