Hebrew Bible Identity

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The origin of the Hebrew Bible is unknown, but scholars believe the earliest collections of writings- first five books- date back to nearly 3,500 years ago. The Pentateuch consist of these first five books. The Old Testament, which it is also known as, influenced its time period and still continues to do so today. The exile of the Judean people led their scholars to preserve their cultural identity through the Hebrew Bible’s usage of chiasm, repetition, and kinesthetic imagery. Each literary device was designed so the audience could memorize the details and elite could easily pass down the stories orally. In a society where only the professional elite read and wrote, The Bible was written down in a series of years by a serious of these elites. It is believed to be written after the Babylonian Captivity. The Judean people were first exiled to Babylon, and forced to assimilate into a society with a whole other creation myth. The people of Judah were uprooted from their homes and forced to a new land, Babylon. However, the exile ended at approximately 538 BCE when Cyrus The Great conquered Persia and released the Jews back to Palestine. Upon return, scholars believe the first words of The Bible were written. The first words were written because in times of grief and despair, religious growth follows. So, when the Jews from Babylon returned home, a sense of spiritual renewal occurred which forced the hands of scribes to document their faith, (Barton 369).
In a time period

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