Hedda's Jealousy

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Hedda was bound by courageous acts, in the end of act four, Hedda kills herself, and in act three, she burns Eilert's manuscript. Not because she wants to help her husband George, as she tells him. But because she hates Thea, I honestly thinks it’s jealousy, because Thea seems happy with her life and Hedda doesn’t really seem to be happy, as shown in act four where she shoots herself. Thea is bound by convention, she was helping Eilert write a book, but when Eilert tells her that he lost it she is very much upset with him, but unfortunately never tells him she is sorry because she never gets the chance, he dies in a hospital room all alone, shot himself in the breast. Hedda thinks it’s an act of pure beauty until Judge Brack, to when he tells
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