Hedgehog In The Fog Analysis

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Empathy is a broad topic often referring to a range of emotions, however empathy is also important to consider as it plays an influential role in our lives often dictating our beliefs, the choices we make and the connections we form. Through their use of narration, imagery, and credibility “The Dark Side of Empathy”, “Paper Menagerie” and “Hedgehog in the Fog” present competent and compelling rhetoric to communicate that impartial, constructive empathy requires perspicacious thinking extending beyond preservation of self. Each piece effectively but individually uses these three rhetorical strategies and in turn conveys a joint theme regarding the necessity of abstraction outside of emotion. “Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu is a short story detailing how a boy’s shame coupled with a longing for normalcy created hostility towards his mother. This resentment in turn severed the connection between mother and son as well as the connection between a boy and his heritage. Liu uses narration in his piece to offer readers a glimpse into the mind of Jack, a young boy who, like most children, wants nothing more than to fit in. Liu narrates brief but intense snap shots of his experiences and the emotions that proceeded them. He describes Mark, a popular boy in his grade who makes fun of his origami toys and sneers at his mother’s background. We are also told of the neighbor women whom Jack overheard as a child, criticizing the fact that he is biracial and gossiping about his

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