Helen Of Troy : The Real Father Of Helen Of Troy

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Helen of Troy is one of the most beautiful demi goddesses out there but she seems to have two fathers. Zeus and Tyndareus are both considered to be partly her father. Throughout this essay, the genetic biology of Helen, Tyndareus, Zeus and Leda as well as anyone who could have an effect on her phenotype. We will conclude by stating which of Zeus and Tyndareus is more closely related to her and as a result being her “real” father. Greece will also be covered in relation to these events as well as its current situation.
Zeus is not only the supreme god to many of the greeks he is also the father of many demigods, but in this case, is he going to have to share his position? In Ancient Greece, people had myths and stories about gods …show more content…

Therefore, our group decided that it would be best to leave the phenotypes of Hermione out of the “cycle”.

The war lasted more than 10 years with constant back and forth conflicts between the Kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean Greece. The bloody battle caused the death of the Trojan Prince, Hector, as well the death of Trojan hero, Achilles. “He dared the deed, Slaying his child to help a war” (Hamilton 259).

After The Trojan War stories and rumors about it began to arise this is where the myths of Helen Of Troy began and they started to recognize her name and making the myth more and more famous until they finally made statues and paintings of her and her beauty, these statues were made of limestone, wood, and other malleable materials.

In Ancient Greece, greeks made these statues and drew paintings to honor their gods and demigods. They each had their own reason as to why certain gods were worshiped. For Helen Of Troy, it was that she was daughter of Zeus and she was the most beautiful of all the gods and goddesses. Therefore painters and sculptors sought an opportunity to make their work famous and created paintings and sculptures what they believed Helen’s appearance must have been like. They did base some of her characteristics on the characteristics of the god who was considered to be her father at the time, Zeus. This is why in many of her pictures she has blonde curly hair similar to his. ***

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