Hell : A Conspiracy Of The Afterlife

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Hell has known to be another conspiracy of the afterlife. It’s one of the most believed theory among regular churchgoers. 70% of Americans believe in hell according to a Gallup poll. In the bible it states, Revelation 14:11 “the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever and they have no rest day and night” It’s known to be the place of Satan and his demons. In the bible Jesus talked about and described what happens to sinners who refused to change their ways. Hell was used to translate the word Sheol in Hebrew which is equivalent to Hades in Greek. There’s two testament for the bible, an old version and a new one. Most of the time people just call it the old and new testaments. In the old testament is translated and use as grave or…show more content…
Islamic macrocosm as seen as a place of infinite realms whose center is full of light, purest of God’s creations. The outer shell is made of clay, which represents darkness. Our soul resides within humanity somewhere between these two opposite principles, light and darkness. Each individual has a unique mixture between the two while our spirit lies within the core of us is the same as everyone else.
Islam concept is that when we deceased we get move to this place call barzakh. Barzakh is commonly viewed as a barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds. This realm is located closer to the luminous cosmic center, this is where souls resides until judgement day. Most of the time this world resembles almost as we’re dreaming, the soul of a deceased liberates from its bodily layers, can potentially awaken and become aware of its true nature. Prior to judgement day there will be events leading to it. There will appear an anti-Christ figure, who then shall be defeated upon the return of Christ. A golden age of peace will follow and at its end will be the day of resurrection. Islam, like Christianity base the judgement on the deeds and action that has been done in life. God will genuinely spare those who are remorseful, but the sinners will be sent to hell where they’ll be eternally tormented without hope of being resurrected for the way they lived.

The righteous usually gets to go to heaven, or Jannah. There are supposedly 7 levels to Jannah

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