Hellen Keller Essay

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Imagine what it would be like not being able to see or hear and trying to learn and be a kid. Author and speaker Helen Keller, lived her whole life with this struggle when a high fever left her deaf and blind at nineteen months of age. Take a peek into the life, education, and career of Helen Keller. (American Foundation for the Bind)
Helen Keller didn’t start out with any problems. She was born a healthy child. Then, at nineteen months old she got a really high fever that could have been Scarlet fever, which can cause people to have a very high fever of up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. This sickness went away but left her deaf and blind for the rest of her life. (Helen Keller)
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So the school sent her twenty year old, Anne Mansfield sullivan. Who came to Tuscumbia to be her teacher. Anne was a graduate of Perkins school for the blind. Anne herself was blind but through a series of operations regained her sight. Therefore she was able to relate to what Helen was going through. But at first Helen did not know or trust Anne but in time she did and grew really close to her. (American Foundation for the Bind) By the time she was this age Helen used more than sixty signs to communicate with her family. March 1887 when she was almost seven years old, Helen says was one of the most important days of her life. This is when Anne came to teach her. Anne began teaching her with a doll. She let Helen hold the doll in one hand and spelled the word doll into Helens other hand. She wanted to teach her to connect objects with letters. Helen learned very quickly to form letters in order and learned to spell words. Also one time Anne put Helens hand under running water then spelled the word water into her other hand and Helen was able to connect cold and wet and know it was water. Eventually her temper tantrms stopped. Helen learned to read french, german, greek and latin in braille. Helen and Anne were very close and were always together. At the age of ten Helen learned to speak by feeling her teachers mouth when she talked. She was hard for people to understand but she never gave up. (Helen:Anne)
Helen began at Perkins institute for the blind in

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