Heller 's Style Of Writing

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Heller’s style of writing, while somewhat comical, stayed true to the topic of war. While telling an entertaining story it gives insight to what war is really like, without the majority focus being on violence as it is in many war books. There are many characters introduced in a brief period of time, making things seem hectic before anything happens. Heller also scatters the timeline of the book around, adding to the illusion of chaos. Heller is not flowery in his words, but that isn’t to say he is short and blatant. Catch 22 is written in long winded sentences that make it seem as if someone were constantly ranting about their surroundings.
With this amount of description, Heller sets a mood. If the moment is dreary, the sentences …show more content…

“General Scheisskopf?” he inquired unsuspectingly of the sergeant in his new office who brought him word of the order that had come in that morning. “You mean Colonel Scheisskopf, don’t you?”
“No, sir, General Scheisskopf He was promoted to general this morning, sir.”
“Well, that’s certainly curious! Scheisskopf? A general? What grade?”
“Lieutenant general, sir, and-“
“Lieutenant general!”
“Yes, sir, and he wants you to issue no orders to anyone in your command without first clearing them through him.” (Heller 390).
This cast of characters also provides insight to the environment and mood of the moment. Often, dialogue is used as a means of advancing the plot, instead of narration or revelations from the minds of characters. Dialogue in this book can go on for pages at a time, varying from conversations with key phrases necessary to the plot, to pages of banter between Dunbar and Yossarian messing with someone in a hospital ward.
“Are you both crazy?” the doctor cried shrilly, backing away in paling confusion.
“Yes, he really is crazy, Doc,” Dunbar assured him. “Every night he dreams he’s holding a live fish in his hands.”
The doctor stopped in his tracks with a look of elegant amazement and distaste, and the ward grew still. “He does what?” he demanded.
“He dreams he’s holding a live fish in his hand.”
“What kind of fish?” the doctor inquired sternly of Yossarian.
“I don’t know,” Yossarian answered. “I can’t tell one kind of

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