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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: 1Mark Haddon

Initial Questions about Passages and Chapters

The following questions take you from page 1 of the novel to the very end. These questions focus your attention on key events in the plot, on certain digressions in the story, on certain characters (especially Christopher), on the book’s style, on some of the book’s dialogue, and on important interactions between Christopher and others.

Choose 10 questions. Answer each of those questions in 1-2 paragraphs per answer. Write in full and proper sentences, not dot points (even though they are used here to clarify what you are to do)

Make sure you clearly number and/or include the question that you are answering. …show more content…

This is shown in the quote below:

‘I think prime numbers are like life. They are very logical but you can never work out the rules, even if you spent all your time thinking about them.’

6. Re-read chapter 41 (pp.26-27).

• How would you characterize the relationship that Christopher has with his father?
• In your answer consider the relationship from Christopher’s and his father’s viewpoints.

7. When Christopher is told that his mother has died, what is his response (pp.35-37)?
In this chapter, as in many other chapters, he intersperses short sentences into his narrative. In fact, some of his paragraphs in this chapter are only 1 sentence long. What kind of information is conveyed in these short paragraphs?

These short and simple paragraphs convey Christopher’s thoughts and opinions towards his mother’s death. However, strangely there is no emotions conveyed in this passage which suggests that Christopher has a very different way of thinking and processing events to a ‘normal’ person. He did not seem to be upset with the loss of his mother at all.

8. Everybody processes the ideas of death and dying differently. On pp.42-44, Christopher discusses his rabbit’s death, his mother’s death, and the idea of dying.

• In what ways does Christopher’s scientific, factual

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