Hemp Is The Most Desirable, Industrial Plants On The Planet

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Hemp is one of the most desirable, industrial plants on the planet. The plant is also one of the most versatile plants known to man, and can be used for the purposes of feed, clothing, paint, paper and plastic, but cultivation is still illegal. More importantly, hemp is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable resource that can improve people’s lives with minimal environmental impact. Hemp is more commonly referred to as Cannabis, which is the entire genus. Cannabis sativa is what is grown for industrial/commercial use. Mainly the cannabis stalk and seed is used for products such as textiles, food, fuel, building materials, personal hygiene, paper, and biodegradable plastics. Hemp is different from marijuana, specifically in the THC…show more content…
It is evident that farmers and policy makers are finally recognizing that hemp can restore the agricultural economy and have a key role in dealing with climate change. The American farmers have been watching the Canadian farmers making huge profits from hemp. In 2013 Canadian farmers were reporting net profits up to $250 per acre. In comparison, the U.S. corn or soybeans are reporting profits at $365 and $288, respectively (Industrial hemp backers say crop has economic benefit, 2015). More importantly, hemp has some of the most useful sustainable material nature has to offer. It is evident that humanity is living in an unsustainable fashion; the earth’s resources are being depleted at a rate at which it cannot be replenished. Still, some of these products (paper, plastic, fuel, building material, etc.) are essential for modern day living and therefore practices and processes continue as they are. That is why it is so crucial to explore alternative products to promote a more sustainable world. Hemp has the ability to maintain ecological processes, functions, and biodiversity in the future, which current processes cannot manage. One of the major benefits of hemp farming is that the hemp plant grows in a short period of time. A plant can mature in 70-90 days, producing very large bulk of plant material. The plant is highly
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