Hemp Research Paper

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Smoking anything will have a poor effect on your respiratory system. cannabis use can affect a person's memory , judgment, and solving skills. There are a few cases, linking the use of cannabis to the increased chance of forming a mental problem, although there is not much scientific evidence to prove this. Some people who have smoked marijuana have been diagnosed with psychosis. Another thing is that the strains of cannabis in on market now are stronger than they once were.this discussion was a question asked by a very agitated lady i heard speaking. It followed a long and heated discussion I had been in with someone who was using cannabis as a recreational drug. It turned out that man was this lady's grandson, and his use of cannabis had …show more content…

Since that talk I have found out that cannabis is one of the most useful plants in the world.The plant that the drug called THC is hemp. The stalk of hemp has stringy fibers which make it great for fabric, and in fact the first use of hemp was for rope. Hemp feels like burlap. It poses no environmental harm, and can be made in many different ways, making hemp clothing that is like linen or like canvas.The wood core of the hemp plant is a good material to make fiber board, paper, and other products with. Leaders of the Navajo Nation are creating a company called Arizona City of Sawmill to commercially produce fiberboard. The seeds of the plant can be used to produce an oil which has a variety of uses. The seed can be ground into a flour that is 25% protein, and the oil has eight essential proteins and is low in fats. In addition to the stalk and seeds the leaves can be turned into fuel, making the plant useful. Whether the drug ingredient THC helps nausea or has other medical uses is still being debated, but unlike tobacco which has very little use the hemp plant has an huge number of

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